Travel Resources

Planning trips can be exhausting and let’s be honest… it’s not for everyone… Luckily we can get some help from platforms that can make things easier for us travellers!

Here you can find my favourite go to:

Busbud - The best way to book bus tickets! Book Now!

I love travelling via bus! I used BUSBUD extensively when I was in Mexico and my experience was great! Super comfy, always on time and they have an extensive network! so I highly recommend them: Click on the logo to book your next adventure!

Hopper… I love this platform! It tells you exactly based on your destination when it’s the best time (and the cheapest one) to book a flight: Check the link to find the best deal!

Everyone that knows me well… know how much I love GAdventures… I travelled with them multiple times and what I really appreciate is that they are really focus on community tourism and they do their best to uplift the local communities, so every time you travel with them you get to have awesome experiences and you also make a positive impact!

I love Get Your Guide! You can find some many experiences and activities all over the world!